Dick Lam
  • More than 18 years of experience in the financial printing industry.
  • Started career as a Typesetter before progressing to DTP Manager, System Analyst and Production Manager.
  • Proficiency in typesetting on IPOs, Circulars, Advertisements, Annual Reports and Interim Reports.
  • Possesses managerial experience in managing DTP teams for typesetting work.
  • One of the main developers for scripting at SDL XPP and Adobe InDesign.
  • Obtained a Bachelor of Computing and Networking from Hong Kong Open University.
Joe Lung
  • More than 18 years of experience in the financial printing industry.
  • Past roles have included: DTP Controller, XPP Specialist and IT Manager, leading the Helpdesk support team.
  • Highly skilled in the setup of IT departments at different firms with the implementation of XPP typesetting system.
  • Solid background with building large-scale IT infrastructure projects connected to a regional network.
  • Using excellent interpersonal skills as well as outstanding operations experience to integrate a bespoke IT solution to satisfy a client’s needs. 
  • Certified ITIL Foundation
Raymond Fung
  • More than 20 years’ experience in financial printing industry
  • Previous roles include: DTP Typesetter, XPP Specialist, Senior Software Engineer, IT Manager, Head of DTP and IT Development.
  • Very familiar with the major typesetting systems currently used in the financial printing industry. Able to strengthen systems through customization and automation to fit business needs.
  • Creation of an innovative development team through in-depth understanding of technology. His on-board experiences at different typesetting systems has elevated DTP team capabilities by adopting Tagnical’s advance scripts and simplifying workflow without losing any accuracy.
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP®)
  • Obtain an Advanced Diploma in Management Studies from Lingnan University.