SDL XPP Scripts

  • Advanced control to manage jobs. Including mark trace levels, backup, restore, archive and new jobs. Greatly improving DTP’s efficiency, not only through the preparation before every alteration, but also through data loss protection. Potentially reducing the impact on the Company should anything go wrong.

XPP Job Control – Mark Trace Manager

XPP Job Control – Backup

XPP Auto Align Division MT Level

  • Advanced print out options. Providing extra options which were originally manually carried out such as changing pages PDF, and printing by section(s). Requests such as these can be time consuming and further faulted through unavoidable human error but can be corrected by using our scripts.

XPP Print Dialog

  • XyConference. Enhanced solution when using XPP build-in conference mode. It shows more information about the sections in the division and real time information about who is opening. It is time saving when a large team of DTP working collaboratively, especially working with teammates at remote site.

XPP XyConference

  • Copy and Paste with MarkTrace. XPP has a robust MarkTrace module which could manage MarkTrace very well. But it has no way to copy and paste with the MarkTrace as the copy and paste was meant alteration to the module. This script is used to fulfill the request which needs to replicate the alteration including the MarkTrace history at elsewhere in the same division.

XPP Copy and Paste with MarkTrace

  • Search highlight and spell check solutions. By combining the strengths from XPP/InDesign and Acrobat, we provide a workflow which can fulfill the requirement of spell check for both Proofreader/QC and DTP. Users are also able to manage the dictionaries.

XPP Search Highlight

XPP Spell Check

  • Composition Check. Unlike XML mode, the classic mode in XPP has no way to make sure user does well composite before store and exit. Composition check is aimed to check if any content or page folio is not well composite.

XPP Composition Check

  • Lock page enhancement. By request from bankers and lawyers, IPOs need to lock pages at the alteration lifecycle. We provide an enhanced solution to help DTP in managing the lock page function for an easier way to improve efficiency and accuracy.

XPP Lock Page

  • XPP style library. We provide an enhanced style library for DTP who can use an easier coding system to fully utilize the powerful publishing software. Easy coding could improve DTP’s learning curve, which could indirectly reduce the pressure on both DTP and HR.