Adobe InDesign Scripts

Adobe InDesign Icon InDesign has different tools for design, typeset, formatting. We developed below Adobe InDesign Scripts to merge steps and functions into combo, so that could save your time during the working process.
  • Blacklining & CPO. This Adobe InDesign Script provides more options which were originally carried out manually such as changing pages PDF and underlining changes. Requests such as these can be time consuming and further faulted through unavoidable human error, but can be corrected by using our scripts.
    (Video, screenshots and details in Chinese)
  • Spell check solution. By combining the strengths from InDesign and Acrobat, we provide a workflow which can fulfill the requirement of spell check for both Proofreader/QC and DTP. Users are also able to manage the dictionaries. (Video, screenshots and details in Chinese)
  • Convert to Table & Copy Table Head Style. This Adobe InDesign Script automates the processes which were originally manually completed such as applying the column width, font style, text color and background color. Our scripts help to reduce the time constraints and human errors that are involved.
    (Video, screenshots and details in Chinese)